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Don’t really know why I’ve done this – have been reading blogs for a while now, and one or two of my regular reads suggested that I start my own blog, they shall remain anonymous, as I apportion no blame whatsoever for the trite and banal inanities proferred here. Maybe it’s my tendency of waffling on and going off at tangents that inspired the suggestion in the first place, who knows.  Anyway, this blog will be a ‘back to basics’ affair,  as I only intend to link to other peoples work and pay  tuppence to stick my oar in.

All you seasoned bloggers out there probably find summing yourselves up for the “about page” a doddle,  but I’m finding it very tricky. I suppose the best one-word by-line would be “in-between”.

I was brought up in the Midlands, but moved to the South West, and then yet further in the same direction to South-West France, and at some point will most likely move again, so am between roots.  I’m very nearly bi-lingual, my kids are becoming truly so, but “The Grouch” remains persistently Anglophone so am stuck between two languages.  I like most of the people I know here, but am unwilling either to go ‘native’ or to immerse myself in ‘ex-pat’-dom, so am between two cultures.

Character-wise,  am a loner who is very sociable, so tend to confuse those wretched tests in women’s magazines, but I refuse to describe myself as between personalities, that would be far too scary.  I view life with optimism, despite being a sceptical old cynic. I enjoy amateur drama, but loathe being the centre of attention. My politics, not that it’s of any relevance here, are left of centre in the UK but to the right in France, so guess you’d say am between parties.

Oh, despite being a technophile,  am also a Luddite, so if any kind soul would like to tell me in short, concise, easily comprehensible sentences how to use this site, it would certainly be appreciated.

And finally, just to add paranoia to the quirks listed above, this blog is anonymous as I may at some point write things that would displease family or friends, so please if you do recognise me from these witterings, either keep it under you hat, or contact me at :

jaycee1 AT live.fr – (usual substitution to avoid spam)


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