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Ashes to Ashes

I’m not very good at current affairs, so this and this aren’t exactly hot off the press.  But the pictures of thousands of fridges stacked up awaiting disposal stuck in my mind.  Apparently also in other people’s.

We have a great service where the council come round once a month for any outsize ‘rubbish’, so at 6 am this morning I dutifully dragged  an old cooker, a microwave and a beautiful but sadly defunct ‘american’ fridge over the road to the collection point. Also the carcass of a metal framed awning/pergola that fell victim to the last big storm.

Well they’ve been, and I am left shaking my head, somewhat perplexed. You see I was expecting a flat-bed truck, or a removals van, especially as I’d had to furnish a list of what was being discarded to the Mairie, so as they could plan their route. But no, it was a standard bin-van on streroids, i.e. bigger and more powerful than our standard refuse collection.  And everything was devoured on the spot – chairs, beds, mattresses, cooker, TVs, computers, scrap metal and fridge, though the van tried to spit the latter back out – it was very big – that’s why we bought it.

Am really no expert when it comes to how such things work (not tagged as technonumpty for nothing) and the fridge was already empty of the gas that goes through the compressor – the spotty Herbert we called out when it broke down saw to that (another story which shall probably appear in a different post) – and it was a self-defrosting airflow fridge-freezer. Does that mean all the noxious gasses have been removed? I hope so, because getting crushed and taken straight to landfill wasn’t quite what I thought would happen.  Ditto for the aluminium pergola.

So in future, my house and yard will have to look the municipal recyclying facility until we borrow a trailer, (and a car with a tow-hook) and take things to the depot ourselves. I only hope that when we dutifully separate metals, glass and plastic at the main tip, that they do get recycled.  At least we’ll be doing our bit to keep house prices stable – the neighbour who likes us calls us the English Gypsies, so heaven only knows what the other lot say.


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  1. Hmm, that makes me even more suspicious of our recycling schemes. In the UK, in our area at least, they are extremely picky about what they will or will not accept for recycling. While I find it exasperating to see the recyclable symbol on a plastic container when I know full well our council won’t accept it, at least I feel it means they are actually doing something with it. In France they accept almost anything, and all jumbled up together. I just don’t see them sorting through it all….. Perhaps I’m too much of a cynic.

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