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Blues & Twos

Tom over at random acts of reality (see sidebar)  was one of the first blogs I ever read and through him follow a couple of ambulance/police/medical blogs.  Anyway, I thought of them yesterday when driving back from the hospital.

What do you do when a big white van with lights flashing and sirens blazing is bearing down on you, straddling the white line in the middle of the road?

Do you

  • stay stock still, as the car in front of me did. Luckily the car opposite had moved over so the nee naw could slalom through,
  • move over as far as you can, even up on to the kerb if necessary without endangering pedestrians or cyclist, which is of course what I did, or
  • move out into the middle of the road to overtake the car in front that’s suddenly decided to veer off and park, which is what the car behind me did.

The ambulance had very squeaky brakes and am not convinced the crew in the back, or the patient,  appreciated the semi-emergency stop. The “ambulance driver” (sorry HCP who was in the driving seat) appreciated the bi-lingual torrent of abuse coming from my open window about inconsiderate twunts*.


* Etymologists need to go see petite (again see sidebar).


2 Responses

  1. As a retired NYC paramedic, I can appreciate your situation. 😉 For me however, the one group that used to get under my skin was the “uh-oh” squad. You know them. They are the folks that gather around a victim and say “uh oh, uh, oh.” and are about as useful as boobs on a bull.

    Move along, nothing to see here….

  2. boobs on a bull – lol/rflmao/wmkl,
    I call them the “Oh my goodness” brigade.

    Never done your former job – just one of those cool head in crisis types.

    Doing a fair bit of your current job though 😉
    Unfortunately, posting about that would render me far too easily identifiable.

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