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Earth, Wind and Fire (works)

Am on coffee number three and the brain still won’t function. Had the bright idea of going stargazing last night so hauled the kids out of bed and trundled carrimats and sleeping backs up the hill to the farmer’s field to watch the shooting stars. (Our garden’s covered with tress so doesn’t have an uninterrupted view of the sky).
The kids enjoyed the adventure – they’ve been camping before, but never without a tent, and my back feels better than it has in ages. Were awoken by The Grouch phoning this morning to find out where we were. (Reply – nope, we haven’t left you, …yet, evil grin!)  The kids slept through the somewhat perplexed deer ambling past at dawn. Unfortunately have found that the camera on my phone only works in broad daylight or indoors at night so no Bambi pictures. Besides, moving to get a pickie would have startled them and I didn’t fancy having to explain to school in September why the kids have hoofmarks on their heads!
Returned to civilisation, if our house can be called that, very dusty and with a strange metallic taste in our mouths – bloody OP’s so the usual morning routine has been put into reverse – showers before breakfast before back to bed.


5 Responses

  1. If you still have an old laptop download and install Ubuntu and then add Stellarium — terrific free night sky application. Best used on a laptop with some battery power though and old laptops are often defective in that dept. (you CAN dual boot between Vista and Ubuntu on a new laptop but this is best setup by someone who has done it before; it’s not difficulty but there’s at least one small possible pitfall I won’t rehearse).

    Really is nice to be able to browse the heavens and have the display synced with the sky.

    Screenshots: http://www.stellarium.org/screenshots.html

    There are some cute iphone apps too but they’re not free.

    • We do that too – software came with the telescope that is less and less use with new streetlit developments around us – reluctant to move further out just for the night sky, though.

  2. I forgot, you can also install Ubuntu on Vista using something called Wubi (googleable) and run it as if it was a Vista application, but sounds as if light pollution is your main concern.

  3. But the shooting stars? Did you see stars? We had complete cloud cover, such a surprise.

  4. Oh yes, loads, even 2 or 3 at the same time. One of the advantages of living ‘dagn sowf ‘ is that there’s a lot less cloud cover. However I’m feeling a bit sheepish for having moaned about light pollution to Eats Wombats who lives in London. I’m surprised if he sees any, other than of the Hello! variety, it’s just that when we moved out here it was pitch black at night, we needed a torch to get from house to the car.

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