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There’ll be bluebirds over…

Bye-bye Blighty.

By to-day will have either

  • remembered why I live in France
  • left The Grouch and stayed behind
  • had my fill of the English
  • be planning next visit

At any rate, will be sick of the sight of the car.

Would have done the list above as a poll, except

  • a) I don’t know how to yet
  • b) You don’t know me well enough yet to get the right answer




5 Responses

  1. http://lesterchan.net/portfolio/programming/php/#wp-polls

    is one option, but as far as I know using plugins isn’t possible with wordpress.com (free, hosted) blogs. You need to be using a wordpress.org blog. WordPress is free but you pay a little for the hosting.

  2. As a ‘kept’ woman, don’t feel right about paying for non-essentials. Besides, haven’t posted anything interesting enough to warrant it, yet, though hoping that may change.
    Am still seeing black tarmac & white lines and dreading the laundry pile, see forthcoming

  3. PollDaddy polls come free with normal wordpress. I think it’s an option on the new post page but I can’t remember the details

  4. Welcome TM, since have always been a smart alec, am finding that I’m better at commenting on other’s blogs than on writing my own. Trust you’ll bear with me. Haven’t found Poll Daddy? on widgets, but then again am techno-numpty-in-chief and am unlikely to be doing MORI’s job for them very often, so… il ne faut pas se casser la tête!

  5. have now found the poll feature on the post editing dashoard 🙂

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