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There is guaranteed to be fireworks to-day.

Not only is it Bastille Day, but we’re packing to do our 4334km tour of the UK. The usual packing routine of throwing everything willy-nilly/pêle-mêle into the boot before covering with a rug can’t happen to-day as both kids have camps so each need two lots of luggage. The Grouch is already threatening to chuck my laptop in the local river so guess I’d better finish my coffee and get sent packing.

Posts will be sporadic for the next week or so, though have scheduled a few.  Feel free to comment but please don’t feel unappreciated if you don’t get a reply for a while. Our itinerary is somewhat chaotic and have no idea where or when I’ll be able to sneak 5 minutes unsupervised internet access.




2 Responses

  1. Very odd. In our house ma’am is ready about a week ahead of time while I do things at the last minute.

    You’re not backing up NOW! are you? she says

    • We’re still doing the laundry, let alone packing – hell
      I thought the ABC video was funny – pity I couldn’t find a longer version or one taken from a different angle.

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